Collection by Erika Heet

Modern Entrance Halls


From tiny apartments to grand houses, there are a myriad ways to make a first impression. Peruse our favorites, with space-saving solutions, innovative finishes, and ways to have absolutely, positively nothing crowding your flow.

In the Indonesian capital of Jakarta, Ahmad Djuhara is on a one-man crusade to blow away the conservative cobwebs of...
Fine FinnishA pair of crafty designers on a serious budget show that though their apartment may be short on square...
Here's a detail from the closets in the entrance hall—they were constructed to allow room for a rolling bin beneath.
The skylight over the home’s entrance “helps simulate a feeling of grandeur and creates an airy and welcoming...
The ornate facade of the Art Nouveau building carries over into the entrance.
Though the house is a mostly wooden affair, a sense of transparency pervades, thanks to many windows and the glass...
The gradually inclined entrance ramp and open plan help make the house accessible to a range of users.
After entering through the front door, visitors pass over the large koi pond on a cast-concrete footbridge chiseled to...
A mirror near the mailboxes in the lobby gives the illusion of more space.
Amanda designed the upstairs studio with its own entrance and a small kitchen and bathroom for when she, Adam, and Awa...
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