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Modern Brazilian Design


A reflection of the warm, relaxed and welcomed comfort of Brazil.

Overlooking a Niemeyer Masterpiece, This Flat is Filled with Brazilian Modern Gems
A São Paulo aerie showcases a collection of Brazilian modern classics—with a priceless vista to match.
Exterior of Lina Bo and P. M. Bardi house in Morumbi, São Paulo, Brazil (1949–52). Photo by Nelson Kon.
Following the birth of their second daughter, Reinaldo and Piti Cóser knew they needed a bigger home that could provide...
Most of the furniture in the lobby came from local antique shops, which yielded great pieces from the late 60s to...
A wooden partition separates the dining room from the living room.
Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning Center, João Batista Vilanova Artigas and Carlos Cascaldi, 1969, Sao Paulo,...
Part of the Misericórdia Hill housing complex in Salvador, Bahia, the Coaty Restaurant designed by Bo Bardi in 1988...
The hotel’s façade is a stunning combination of wood, stone, and glass.
The meeting room features a custom table designed by the firm and produced by a local artist.
The office design was inspired by “blues, jazz and Bossa Nova." Tiled walls help optimize acoustics.
Instituto Cultural Inhotim,...