Collection by Marianne Colahan

Modern Accessories by Yield Design Co. Blend Old and New


Rachel Gant and Andrew Deming founded Yield Design Co. in San Francisco in 2012. Now based in Saint Augustine, Florida, the studio designs items that blend traditional values with modern innovations. From thoughtfully colored planters to minimalist storage solutions, Yield Design Co.'s products celebrate the possibilities of American design.

After meeting at California College of the Arts, Rachel Gant and Andrew Deming founded Yield Design Co. The couple...
Yield Design Co.’s Planter Boxes are simple, handcrafted planters that are designed to house indoor plants, including...
The Suspended Pine Shelf was inspired by a Spanish colonial kitchen shelf that Deming and Gant noticed in a rustic...
Gant says that the design for their clever Canvas Picnic Bag began shortly after a six-month stay in Stockholm.
The duo recently launched the Endswell jewelry collection of rose gold rings.
According to Deming, "we created Yield as a vehicle to introduce objects that we want to see exist in the world.” The...

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