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City Roof Decks

Photographer: Andrea...
The rooftop is wired for a solar farm, but they are waiting for better prices and tax breaks before investing.
The roof became the perfect location for their vegetable garden, as well as benches and a recreation space crowned by a...
Joe Day and Nina Hachigian relax on their terrace overlooking the hills in Silver Lake area of Los Angeles.
A rooftop oasis furthers the outdoor connection.
Evoking both nature and the nurture of relaxation, this rooftop deck by Pulltab Design shows that roof gardens and...
A Fermob table and chairs are on the rooftop terrace. “The weather is unpredictable, to say the least.
"In this project, we got so much benefit out of this "secret garden" for the master suite along with all of these...
The Brook, a supportive housing building in the Bronx, occupies what had, for years, been a vacant lot.
Rydingsvärd often cooks out on his terrace, which offers a view of Mount Royal.
On the lower roof, cedar decking and flower beds define one of several outdoor gardening spaces.
Museum of Modern Art, Rooftop...