Collection by Eujin Rhee

Minimalist Furniture Design by Sturdy Living


Inspired and guided by the elements, Martha Sturdy of Sturdy Living has made a name for herself with her simple, yet bold furniture creations that are sure to be on top of any minimalist's list. Both an investment in aesthetic and function, each piece is meant to be "enjoyed, touched, used, and seen for years." We can definitely abide by that.

The blocky Preston Club is a a resin chair with castors and plush Italian leather cushions.
Various marble (and one wooden!) round and cube stools elegantly occupy the floor.
Not only are these black resin Nesting Tables elegant, but are non-porous and scratch-resistant.
The Zig Zag Stool, Chief Round Stool, and Chief Cube Stool make a dashing trio.
Sturdy Living's popular Zig Zag Bar Stool (seen here in white steel) is available both in charcoal and rust.
The Zig Zag chair and table, both in a handsome black steel finish.