Collection by Patrick Sisson

Minimal Swiss Retreat Carved From Centuries-Old Stone


Despite the name, delicate lines of glass and plaster run through the Scaiano Stone House.

In the small Swiss village of Scaiano, near the Italian border, a former brandy distillery sits amidst a cluster of old homes, a hamlet so old that you can't drive your car down the narrow streets and instead have to walk a few minutes from the nearest good-sized road to reach the door. Architect Jérôme de Meuron was tasked with turning this centuries-old building, a monolith of stone, into an airy vacation escape. How do you create lightness with something as dense as stone? De Meuron took Dwell through the process of carving out an escape from the aged walls, and the delicate contrasts possible with sleek lines and glass walls.

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