Collection by Andrea Smith

Minimal Facades Around the World


These eight homes leave embellishment for their interiors.

The exterior of the house reveals the simple and utilitarian assembly of its cement-panel walls and roof.
The black facade of the Yatabes’ house may turn a darkly futuristic face to its suburban block, but behind it the house...
The house's stained-cedar cladding makes a stark but pleasing contrast to the natural foliage of the site.
This bright white home in Fujisawa, Japan, facilitates outdoor living within its walls with pockets of open interior...
The house sits on a slope, atop blue concrete and ceramic tiles.
When building such a modest structure in a large landscape, designer and client often had to defend their vision to...
"We created a bosque of ironwood (Olneya tesota), one of our most cherished indigenous tree species,” Debra explains.
A trap-door opening at the top of the house allows for better circulation.