Collection by Amanda Dameron


Bronze sculpture of Gaetano Pesce's UP5 Chair and UP6 Ottoman, created in 1969 (and reissued in 1994) for B&B Italia
Fuqua Paper Reef by NOIZ Architects
NT Rasha / Il Tono della Gravita by NOIZ Architects—Paper with 120 colors
La Tavola Imbandita, 2000, by Kazuyo Komada
Coffee table, 1976, by Gabriella Crespi
Book of Tongue, by NOIZ Architects
Early Montessori toys, circa 1907 by, you guessed it—Maria Montessori
Detail of the 1948 Tripé chair by Lina Bo Bardi.
Dadamaino, 1971, by Paola Lanzani
Tripé chair by Lina Bo Bardi, 1948.
Il Gioco dell'oca Verde, 1958, by Luisa Albertini
A Viso Aperto, 2010, by Italian designer Anna Gill for Carlo Poggio Design
Paradiso Terrestre, 1950, by Lavinia Altara
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