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Mid Century Modern Homes Collection: Illustrations by Michael Nÿkamp


This collection of simplified iconic illustrations were created out of my love for mid-century modern architecture and the architects who designed them. Commissions upon request.

Flatstone Carlee Straight Home, 1959. Architects, Obryen & Knapp for Albert Builders.
Risom House, 1967. Architect, Jens Risom.
Alcoa Care Free Home, 1957. Architect, Charles Goodman. Illustration by Michael Nÿkamp of mkn design.
Freeman House, 1966. Architect, Gunnar Birkerts.
Kendalwood Home, 1964. Architectural Firm, Albert Builders. Illustration by Michael Nÿkamp of mkn design.
To show scale of the Flatstone Carlee Straight Home. Size of paper 8.5 x 11inches.
Printed on a traditional letterpress (with no emboss) using a magnesium plate and printed on Cranes Paper (600 gsm).