Michigan new home: Flat roof? Shed? Gable?

My wife and I have been Dwell readers since 2002... and we are in the middle of designing our own home. We found a city lot and want to make a statement (albeit a reasonable statement) with a home that makes a strong reference to mid-century-modern. Ironically, the zoning category is called Mid-Century Modern, Low Density Residential. Although few homes in the area stretch beyond the typical ranch.

We are struggling with how to create some interest with the roof structure. Hoping to get some sage advice with whether to pursue flat (EPDM), shed or otherwise.

Design parameters: narrow lot (90 ft before setbacks), deep lot with no back neighbors (with lots of trees behind). Budget is tight. Semi-empty nesters with college age kids (downstairs -- not shown -- will include 2 additional bedrooms). Single floor with daylight basement. Zoning requires garage to be 5 feet behind front facade of rest of house. Garage elevation is probably going to be 20-24" below rest of grade of first floor.

We tried (through our builder) to work with a couple of architects (or designer in one case) to provide some ideas/consultation on the roof structure (as well as design of front entry/porch to create some drama/interest) -- but it has been a struggle to find somebody who is 1) interested in the relative small job of consulting on roof versus starting over on whole design, or 2) isn't too darn busy with other work!

Thanks for any and all ideas!

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