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Michelle Obama Writes Yara Shahidi College Recommendation


To be accepted into the college of your dreams, there seems to be a long list of hoops to jump through. Along with an outstanding admission essay, it is essential to submit a letter of recommendation as well. You are putting your best foot forward in an application and need someone else to attest to that. Whether it is a teacher, an employer, a coach or a friend, securing a letter of recommendation better improves your chances of acceptance. If anyone has received the best letter of recommendation yet, it is the Black-ish star, Yara Shahidi <a href=" target="_blank">assignment help online</a>.

After meeting the former First Lady, Michelle Obama, at Glamour’s International Day of the Girl event, the two established a mentor-mentee relationship. Their chemistry on stage and shared passion for women’s education both in the US and abroad brought them together. Obama has been supportive of Shahidi’s goals since, even encouraging the star before her AP exams.

With Obama’s letter of recommendation, a golden ticket, Shahidi has been applying to many schools from coast to coast. Among the list is the esteemed Harvard, where Michelle attended herself. Shahidi plans to double major in sociology and African American studies, but is not certain whether she will be attending anytime soon. Similar to Michelle Obama, the actress is considering a gap year before her first semester. Other young actresses, such as Elle Fanning and Ariel Winter, have done the same and this is actually quite common amongst the student population. In addition, there is a possibility of a Black-ish spin-off with Shahidi starring as the lead. Whether or not Shahidi plans to step foot on campus in the near future, she is being proactive by securing a letter of recommendation and that is a great first step.

When seeking a letter of recommendation for yourself, there are a couple things you need to consider before asking anyone. You want the letter to be written by someone who knows you well and wishes you the best for the future. Though your friends and family know you better than anyone else, it is better to receive a recommendation from someone who doesn’t hold a biased opinion. If you have impressed anyone in a leadership position, such as a teacher or coach, it is best to ask for a letter of recommendation from them. Your hard work, dedication and ambition is likely to be noticed from someone and if your mentor outlines this in their recommendation, the admissions officer will trust their objective judgement. Of course, not everyone can obtain a letter of recommendation from the former FLOTUS, but anything written by someone who cares about your future endeavours will still do the trick.

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