Collection by Diana Budds

Michael Murphy's Midcentury-Inspired Supersonic Series


San Francisco artist Michael Murphy’s latest series of prints, Supersonic, depicts a mod, mod world.

We first came across Michael Murphy’s Forgotten Modernism series, which depicted structures across San Francisco.
Cocktail Before Target Practice“This is a study of some of London's modern architecture,” says Murphy, “where a sniper...
Departure Lounge“An airport bar, Tiki style,” Murphy says.
Desert DeChirico“This is a view of a Miesian-inspired desert dwelling set in the milieu of a DeChirico composition,”...
Observation Deck“A very modern, gravity-defying retreat for TWA employees before or after a long flight,” Murphy says.
Privacy Screen“This is another desert house where I wanted to imply a U-shaped plan by looking from the inside out...
Quiet Night at Home“This is an airless, moonscape-like scene where the military officer has decided to take a break...
Un, Dos, Cha Cha Cha“A modern house design with a touch of Tiki, and, of course, a glowing lightbox sign,” Murphy says.