Collection by Tiffany Chu

Michael Kubo at Boston's Pinkcomma


Hidden underground in an industrial warehouse in the South End, the pinkcomma gallery carves an alternative space in Boston's conventionally conservative design circle. I attended their latest opening, a double feature titled Publishing Practices and Heroic -- the first a sweeping survey of architectural publishing, the second an optimistic showcase on Boston's love affair with concrete. Fascinated by the duet of subjects, I delved into it further with Michael Kubo, designer, scholar, and guest curator.

Michael Kubo, designer, scholar, and guest curator at Pinkcomma Gallery.
Assistant Professor of Architecture Liam O'Brien closely scrutinizes the timeline and corresponding survey results...
Architecture and Visual Arts student Sam Kronick muses over which concrete building page he would like to take home...
Chris Grimley's graphic intelligence really made the book timeline and data graphics communicate in Publishing...
Mark Pasnik's photography was a big part of the look of the Heroic show.

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