Collection by Aaron Britt

Mexico City: Day 1


On Thursday I headed down to Mexico City for four days of sheer design tourism. Things got underway that night with a molecular gastronomy feast the Polanco restaurant Oca. Parsley foam, man. Parsley foam. After that our small group of journalists retired to the W Hotel (which had a hammock in the bathroom!) for a good night's sleep. Click through the slideshow to see what we got up to on our first day of Mexico City design.

The single most annoying thing in the world is people who leave their phones out on the table when at a restaurant, as...
After our meal we piled into Umberto's van and off we sped through traffic-choked Mexico City to the Nouvel Studio...
After our tour at the Nouvel Studio factory we headed over to furniture designer Hector Esrawe's showroom.
Like any good host, Hector got the tequila out right away.
Hector had recently moved into this showroom. He designed the carafe on the low table for Nouvel Studio.
This chair was designed for a Japanese restaurant in Mexico City.
This dog designed by NEL Colectivo, a Mexican design collective to which Hector belongs, is made of FSC certified teak.
My tourmate and fellow writer Stefan Marolachakis poses pensively next to the dog.
We drove everywhere in Mexico City led by our guide Ana Elena Mallet, a wonderful host and independent design curator.
Before heading to lunch we stopped in to see the Condesa DF hotel in the Condesa neighborhood.
Here's a glimpse of the central courtyard. The building is triangular and open to the sky.
Guilty again. We went to Merotor for lunch and it was very, very good.
Utterly stuffed but soldiering on, we next visited industrial designer Ariel Rojo.
Here's a shelf in Ariel's studio filled with his products.
After seeing Ariel we went to see Suhab, a collective of young Mexican designers working with a very strong sustainable...
One of my favorite bits of their studio was this device that cuts the tops of bottles.
The final stop before dinner was at a new museum called MODO, the Museum of the Object of the Object.
Before an amazing dinner at Rosetta in the La Roma neighborhood--the short rib with polenta was the best dish I had on...