Collection by Jaime Gillin

Matthias Heiderich's Berlin


Self-taught photographer Matthias Heiderich has spent the past three years roaming around Berlin, snapping photos with his medium-format film camera and Pentax digital camera. During his "phototrips," usually conducted on bike while listening to electronic and neoclassical music, he keeps an eye out for "lines, patterns, colors, and interesting forms/shapes" and captures what he finds in often abstract and angular compositions. His Berlin is a place of saturated color and deep turquoise sky, of time-stopped buildings and signage. Many of these pieces are available for purchase as prints, and very affordable ones at that.

Untitled. From series "Studie Eins," 2011.
Untitled. From series "ISO Berlin," 2010.
Untitled. From series "Color Berlin," 2009.
Untitled. From series "Snow Blind," 2011.
Copyright by Matthias...
Untitled. From series "Studie Eins," 2011.
Untitled. From series "Funktionsorte," 2011.
Untitled. From series "Studie Eins," 2011.

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