Collection by Jami Smith

Material Focus: Glass


As previously looked at in 5 Bold and Modern Glass Facades, Dwell takes another look at 8 contemporary structures that are recognized for their creative and daring use of combined materials and glass.

At street level, the wooden garage door opens its toothed maw.
Photo courtesy Reinhold Andris Office, Walddorfhäslach.
Geraldine and Kit Laybourne’s apartment is inside architect Neil Denari’s HL23 building in the Chelsea arts district of...
Tall and surprisingly open, the Tel Aviv Town House by Pitsou Kedem Architects continues in the tradition of its...
The second-story viewing platform was born from an onsite discovery.
Edgeland House, built on a cliff-top lot in Austin by architect Thomas Bercy for lawyer and writer Chris Brown, is...
Casa ai Pozzi makes a bold statement on the mountainous shores of Lake Maggiore.
Architect José Roberto Paredes’s crowning achievement is the freestanding concrete roof that wraps around the structure.

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