Collection by Aaron Britt

Marin Living: Home Tours


Sadly I won't be able to make it, but if you're in the Bay Area next Saturday, May 15th, you should seriously consider signing up for the first AIASF home tour of the year. Marin Living: Home Tours kicks things off just over the Golden Gate Bridge in Marin County. There you'll be welcomed into a handful of modern homes in various communities in an open-house format. Have a look at the slideshow for a taste of what will be on view and click here to sign up.

The Radius House is my favorite of the homes on the tour.
The centerpiece of the house is the support structure that holds up the circular roof, and gives the sense that the...
The Radius House is surrounded by redwood trees, giving further reason to create panoramic views.
Here's another doozie on the Marin County Tour, the Portnoy Danzig Residence by Sharon Portnoy Design.
Here's another view of the backyard of the Portnoy Danziger Residence, one that shows off the L shape of the design.
This entryway also has that sense of colorful play while receding into the facade of the house.
The Hillside Residence by Scott Lee of SB Architects in conjunction with Arcanum Architecture is in Mill Valley.
A closer view of the facade shows the varying levels at play, and the porosity of the house.
The heavy ropes and mesh railing on the stairs give the interior a kind of nautical feel, a nod to the nearby San...
The big burled wood dining table offers a seating to a host of diners.
This house in Sausalito by 450 Architects hugs a tight hillside plot that affords a gorgeous view of Richardson Bay.
In addition to a contemporary interior, the Sausalito Residence has a massive rainwater collection system, one of the...
The Lovell House in Mill Valley, California is a renovation of a 1953 design.
The renovation and addition were done by architects Cecilia and Alfred Quezada, who bought the house in 1995.
The Quezadas aimed to respect the open plan of the original structure, as evinced by this breezy, wide staircase.
I like this cozy spot that still, by dint of homey materials and a generous windowseat, still manages to invite in the...
The kitchen continues on in the mid-century vein with warm wood on the walls and industrial nods on the ceiling and...
The variety of grains and finishes on the largely wooden interior manage to both unify the space while still retaining...