Collection by Kelsey Keith

Margaux Keller


Margaux Keller has come a long way since age 13, redecorating her room by arranging furniture and “pinning stuff on the walls.” She decided then, as a teenager growing up in Geneva, Switzerland, to attend design school in Paris. After she finished two design degrees, she found herself under the tutelage of Eugeni Quittlet during a “crazy” internship in Philippe Starck’s atelier. Since striking out on her own, she’s collaborated with high-design brands and everyday retailers alike, creating pieces like her Soupir tabletop mirror and Fanfan, a cork children’s toy. Now she’s making a line of home goods for SIA, under the direction of designer Jean-Marc Gady, as well as pieces for Roche Bobois.

Keller's Unco planters are fit for a mixture of flora.
Soupir tabletop mirror.
Keller's Les Pescadous glasses are inspired by fishing.
The Mon Fanfan cork toy's ears can change shape to resemble an elephant, bear, or mouse.
Le scriban desk.
Swiss designer Margaux Keller is currently working on a line of home goods for SIA and pieces for Roche Bobois.