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Malaysia Biennial 100YC Medini 2017


Malaysia Biennial 100YC is an essential 21st century foresight, identifying disruptive patterns of global change that advance architecture, urbanism and life in the extreme future.
100YC promotes multidisciplinary thinking and collaboration as core competency conditions necessity for future innovation. 100YC recognises material science, human- computer interfaces, experience design, engineered systems, organisational dynamics breadth and depth of knowledge across professional domains as systems for addressing complexity and innovation. 100YC promotes a long view forming deep speculative futures and extreme speculative optimism for possible futures that will be reshaping the planet and transforming design and the global economy.

Tom Kovac RMIT, presenting the Malaysia Biennial 100YC Medini 2017...
MEDINI CEO FORUM 2017 - JPanel discussion, The Future Revolution / Smart Cities IoT &...