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Makers We Love


In this world of big box companies, megastores, and supermarkets, we have lost a certain connection to where the things we buy and bring into our homes come from. This kind of growth and disconnect can only go on so long before the rubber band snaps back, so it should come as no surprise that there is a clear trend toward the return of the handcrafted. Here we highlight just a few of the incredible individuals and partnerships of makers, people returning to art of handcrafting in this fast paced, instant gratification world. All hail the makers.

Michael James Moran and Celia Gibson demonstrate shou-sugi-ban, a Japanese wood burning technique.
DENVER'S FIN ART CO. Childhood friends Rob McGowan and Ben Olson decided to try their hand at building the types of...
The central inspiration for the Geobils was to start a personal creative challenge for Haley Ann Robinson.
Tucson designers Cade Hayes and his partner Jesus Robles make their line of steel chairs by hand.
Q & A WITH CONFETTI SYSTEM Confetti System is two friends—Julie Ho and Nicholas Andersen—who make their living...
The designer at her studio.
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