Collection by Miyoko Ohtake

Maker Faire 2011


This weekend, Maker Faire—dubbed "the world's largest DIY festival"—took over the San Mateo County Event Center for its two-day do-it-yourself, show-and-tell extravaganza. There were hundreds of makers proudly parading their homemade and home-built wares to the estimated 80,000 people in attendance. Click through our slideshow for some of our favorite finds at the festival.

In 2006, Make magazine hosted the first Maker Faire in San Mateo, California (located in between San Francisco and San...
Next to Google's big setup of shipping containers turned into shelters were a few more modest outdoor structures, such...
These curved-roof structures are the first of an envisioned series of Makerspaces.
Members of Astromech were zooming their hand-built R2-D2s around the festival space to the delight of children—and many...
In the Fiesta Hall, Purin Phanichphant displayed its Tap Tap Animation wall.
The Fiesta Hall's main attraction was the Tesla Stage.
MakerBots was also exhibiting in the Fiesta Hall, with three Thing-O-Matics on display.
I unfortunately have no idea what this forest of inflated tree lights was, but I loved the look of it. The trees were...
The Homegrown Village was one of the outside themed areas.
Back to the Roots Mushroom Kits were a big hit.
Another area housed outdoor play structures.
Though the robot here is physically painting this piece of art, its motions were controlled by festival attendees.
Throughout Saturday and Sunday, Make and its sister publication Craft hosted demonstrations.
I spotted these Wood Ties by Wood Thumb and immediately thought of our senior editor Aaron Britt, aka @ThePocketSquare.
There were lots of solar- and human-powered projects to see.
Before calling it a day, we watched EepyBird's Coke and Mentos geyser show.