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Main House


Ideas and inspiration for my custom

The long hallway from the kitchen to the master bedroom is often used as a racetrack for scooters or cardboard box...
Exterior back...
Walnut panels make up the floors and ceiling, in a subtle material nod to the former home’s midcentury provenance.
Modular corrugated steel protects the house against year-round rain.
The hanging beds in Casa Norte recreate the feeling of the surf.
Large sliding glass doors allow daylight to fill the living room.
To keep costs down elsewhere (the house was built for just over $118,000), architect Brun and his partner Lizmarie...
Shaped like a cross, the Four-cornered Villa offers four different views of its location on an island in Finland.
The master bathroom extends the same visual themes found throughout the rest of the home to keep the overall scheme...
Honest materials appear throughout this Los Altos home.