Collection by Jaime Gillin

MAIK's Experimental Danish Design


Pronounced "make," MAIK is an experimental Danish design brand founded in 2009 by Andreas Sachse and Rune Rex. I spotted it when I was in Copenhagen last fall and although it was closed, I was able to peer through the window and suss out that it was a unique and compelling retail and manufacturing model. Once I got home I wrote Rex to learn more. Click through the slideshow to see and hear more about the company, in Rex's own words.

"What makes MAIK unique as a manufacturer and design shop?" I asked Rune Rex, MAIK's co-founder.
"In May 2011, we opened our first store in a trendy upcoming area in Copenhagen.
"We've just launched the BUILD & DESTROY toy.
"Now we're about to create the first truly designed and conceptualized series of bike baskets with accessories.
"Our first model is already at our shop, a hand-built bike crate.
"The bike crate is designed and built for every day use.
"Elevate, another one of our designs, is our tribute to the tealight candle and the Danish ‘hygge’ concept.
What is their big-picture vision? "To create a better world by creating better products," says Rex.