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lttl tumbler


The world's first travel mug with authentic cup-like sipping and truly easy cleaning.
Keeps drinks hot or cold for hours without leaks.

The stopper is a seamless single piece with nowhere for gunk to hide. The lttl tumbler is dishwasher safe and BPA free.
The lttl tumbler launches in four finishes: brushed stainless, matte black, soft lavender and pale rose gold.
The stopper seals tight in to the vessel so you can carry it in a bag or purse without spills.
Sip naturally from the vessel. All-around aroma venting allows full sensory enjoyment of your favorite brew.
The lttl tumbler has a stopper that fits inside, so you can drink directly from the edge like a normal cup - 360˚...
The stopper twists between two positions, one for drinking without splashes, one to seal without leaks.