Collection by Allie Weiss

Lovely Midcentury Renovations in the Pacific Northwest


Southern California isn't the only place where you'll find fantastic midcentury houses. In Oregon and Washington, these structures—some strong examples of the Northwest Regional style—were updated with care by their new owners.

The architects added an extended deck that creates an opportunity for gatherings.
The couple designed the master bedroom, choosing a new red carpet inspired by the original and a Half Moon pendant by...
“The transparency of the house is really quite wonderful,” says Grace Kim of the residence, now open to the lake view.
Ikea cabinets were combined with durable work surfaces and personal touches like a chalkboard wall.
Speaking to his original design, architect Saul Zaik says, “We were really just building boxes with a bunch of windows...
The literal and figurative centerpiece of the house is the atrium, through which light filters into the rest of the...