Collection by Laura C. Mallonee

Lovely Beach House is All About Angles, Stucco, and Wood


A seaside home in Vila do Conde brings in the beach.

Architect Ernesto Pereira focused on three simple things when remodeling a typical Portuguese dwelling in coastal Vila do Conde: “Wood for its comfort, water for its peace, and light for its vitality,” he explains. He balanced these primary elements in the Silver Wood House, a domestic oasis that brings home the sandy colors and textures of the nearby beach.

Pereira’s clients asked him to create a unique “work of art” under no budget constraints or deadline.
“Having diagonal wood slats make spaces more dynamic, and in a way enable greater use of the material,” Pereira says.
Coming from a family of carpenters, the architect designed and constructed the house’s wooden cabinets, furniture, and...
A wood console provides structural support and anchors the open floor plan, creating a natural division between the...
In the study, strip lighting illuminates a desk almost entirely surrounded by built-in bookshelves.
Though the house is a conversation piece in the more traditional neighborhood, its natural materials nicely complement...