Collection by Snaphia Madihah

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NOEM, a Barcelona-based architecture firm, created a metal-clad house for a young client just outside Madrid.
The back of the house includes areas to garden and a...
The new house stands out in the neighborhood, illuminated at night.
On an agricultural estate in Portugal, blaanc studio designed a simple retreat that does its utmost not to interfer...
Looking into the warm, brightly lit house at night offers a different kind of view, one that charmingly recalls the...
“There’s a presence to that place—it’s vast, and constantly shifting,” Moffitt says.
Using prefabricated materials for the exterior allowed Koehler and his team to drastically reduce building time during...
The home, a half-sunk diamond, is experienced very differently from each of its sides.
Consistent with the rest of the home, the minimal and simplistic dining area relies on the warmth of wood to anchor the...
The new Spruce clothes tree ($410) comes in ivory or black steel.
The walnut Grain desk ($1,775) and tomato-colored Sixagon stool ($350) are perfect companions.
Soheil steps into the music and screening room, which is concealed behind a masonry-veneered door.
Marmol and Becket with their daughter, Emilia.
Miha hangs out with Kea, the dog, on the wooden deck that extends the living space outdoors.

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