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Love Earth: Eco Ideas and Designs


Victionary's new book, Love Earth, is an ode to green design—the cover is even made from the recycled scraps from the bookmaking process. Inside its cover, the volume starts with a mini-book featuring 100 Eco Ideas, green tips and suggestions solicited from the public and illustrated Guillaume Kashima. (Idea No. 80: Bind cork stoppers with a band as heat insulation coasters for kitchens.) The rest of the book features 100 eco-designs that range from products to packaging. While some are green in their use (or reuse) of materials and their innovative processes, some simply remind you to be conscious of the environment with their quirky, sometimes strange perspectives. We take a closer look at 11 designs featured in Love Earth.

Love Earth advertises its green cred loud and proud on its cover.
This page from the 100 Eco Ideas mini-book features two ideas submitted online by everyday folk.
Emeco recently collaborated with the Coca-Cola Company to produce the 111 Navy Chair.
Flash drives all too often get lost or tossed so rather that putting all that plastic to waste to make them, Art...
NEL colectivo's Global Warming carpet Nanimarquina is simple yet stunning.
Forget about disposable dishes.
Maude Bussières's pencil packaging concept keeps extra materials to a minimum.
Nespresso machines make great coffee but they also produce quite a lot of waste in the form of aluminum single-use...
The PeePoo bag is a single-use toilet designed for individuals in densely populated areas that lack adequate plumbing...
While not necessarily a green product itself, the RED Animal Crayon, which features animals in fear of extinction,...
Though we are reading fewer and fewer printed newspapers, pages and pages of paper still gets dropped on doorstops...
Korefe's Stop the Water While Using Me packaging is another example of a design that raises eco-consciousness.
Tord Boontje and Emma Woffenden worked with Artecnica to create these beautiful TranSglass vases from recycled wine...
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