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Love Animals? This House is for You


Just wait until you see the snake.

From the outside, an unassuming 1942 cottage overlooking Vancouver’s harbor is an unexpected place to find Omer Arbel,...
In the living room of their Vancouver home, Omer Arbel and Aileen Bryant sit on a Coronado sofa by Afra and Tobia...
“Many of my pieces are first-runs from Bocci, so I am the first to figure out if something is wrong [with the design].
Above the sink in the kitchen, you can see one of Bocci’s first 57 chandeliers.
"Across the room is the first 25 bench I ever made; it was salvaged from a now-closed restaurant I codesigned, called...
“I am obsessed with glassware. Whenever I go to antique stores, I always come home with suitcases full of glass.
"In the dining nook adjacent to the kitchen, there is a Bocci 21 light and a vintage table.
A 28 prototype is stowed away with some books in the bedroom.
“The sunsets over the cliffs behind our backyard are beautiful, operatic events, even when the weather is bad.
In the bedroom, a light by Bretford in Chicago is next to an Ikea Malm bed topped with Indian linens and folk weavings.
In the living room, angel wings taken from a circa-1890s Parisian statue were discovered at Scott Landon Antiques in...
“I can’t believe a lot like ours exists, because it’s so beautiful.
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