Collection by Jaime Gillin

Lost & Found in LA: Part 2


If you liked what you saw in my previous report on Lost & Found in Los Angeles, then check out this slideshow: a roundup of owner Jamie Rosenthal's favorite items in the shop, along with her thoughts on what makes these pieces unique. Some great gift ideas in here! All available for purchase online.

Here's Jamie Rosenthal in the 'wood room,' dedicated to a collection of housewares, linen, and objects from around the...
Unraveling calendar from Germany, $98.
Here's a close-up of the unraveling in action.
Seeds of Change, $5 each. Says Rosenthal: "These are my favorite seeds. I started selling them when the recession hit.
Areaware wooden tape dispenser designed by Jonas Damon, $35.
Wooden clock with leather strap by Brooklyn-based Stanley Ruiz, $225. "I first saw this clock when it was a prototype.
Ceramic shotgun house by New Orleans artist Robert Tannen, $100.
Other People’s Rubbish lamp shades, designed by Heath Nash, made from recycled plastic jugs, $395-$1,250.
Here's an example of a more traditional Cape Town design made from chopped-up plastic bottles and milk jugs.
O-Check graphics stapler from Japan, $12. "Leave it to the Japanese to design the perfect stapler.
Lucky Fish 4 Edible Schoolyard dishtowel, $20.
Woven rugs from Portugal, $95. "Old world is new again.
Woven tote from Morocco, $295.
French canvas market bags with leather straps, $125-$175. "We have several versions of this classic French market bag.
Le Souk olive wood nesting bowls from Tunisia, $85.
Vintage grain-sack placemats from Transylvania, $20 each.