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By eliminating walls and incorporating a series of interior gardens, architect José Roberto Paredes creates an eclectic...
Japanese showers are usually set low down so the bather can sit on a stool and scrub, then pour cedar buckets of hot...
Meili and Anais lounge on a Transform sofa by Moroso.
The children's bedroom features bright carpeting and patterned wallpaper.
In the bathroom, the gray Carrara walls are offset by bright tulip-patterned wallpaper, circa 1970, from Secondhand...
Pedrali’s orange Frida 752 chair, two metal Tolix Marais chairs, and Philippe Starck’s Olly Tango seat surround a...
Leo's Oyster Bar in San Francisco designed by Ken Fulk Inc.
Handcrafted green cement tile floors are used in the kitchen and in many living spaces in the home.
In the kitchen, Yuka makes baby Maude a snack at an island with original red tiles.
The residents have a particularly strong sense of color and love to cook with their son, so no-fuss finishes likes...
“I didn’t want marble or granite because they aren’t sustainable,” says Seo.
Flournoy’s partner is a baker, and was given free reign to develop a kitchen that met his needs.