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Look of the city – Turin XX Olympic Winter Game


“Look of the city” is the Olympic outfit created for the city of Torino to host the XX Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. It is one of the largest ever developed public coordinated image projects including more than 250 groups of installations that punctuate the nodal points in the city and along the Olympic routes.
The project consistently uses a number of distinguishing elements in keeping with the city’s architectural and town-planning characteristics. A project affecting the entire territory, from the suburbs to the centre, bordering towns and villages as well as the Olympic valleys. The greatest and most widespread project ever for the corporate image of an italian city, this contributed to renewing the face of a beautiful town. Shanghais, Anemometers, precise and dynamic metal elements, banners and Menhirs, large structures with three-dimensional graphics. Networks of isolated episodes on a pedestrian and road scale, actually dialoguing with the most distant perspectives, salvaging a typical characteristic of the city on a vertical scale, “looking upwards”, from the Mole to the big avenues enclosed by the mountains or the hillside.

Using light designed to highlight active presences, altering from day to night and marking a changing landscape.

The decision to use a single colour, vermilion red, brings all the city projects together in a unified identifiable way.

The project was realized in collaboration with Italo Lupi.