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The staircase goes through the center of the house, pictured here adjacent to the open plan kitchen/living area.
View from upper floor in private space.
Designed by Caterina Moretti and Justine Trouéau, the leather Pita Cushions feature embroidery that’s created with...
In a loft renovated by designer Andrea Michaelson, a Liebherr refrigerator blends in with stainless-steel cabinets from...
Example of slow architecture in Norway / Photo by Åke E:son...
Naust Paa Aure by TYIN...
A small courtyard cut out of the center holds a sheltered terrace with an outdoor fireplace.
Isleta El Espino: A Three-Room Eco Hotel on Lake Nicaragua
How a brother and sister turned a private island into self-sustaining boutique...
Jules's room looks out onto the cantilevered deck with little to distract from the view.
In 2015, Vipp introduced a 592-square-foot prefab unit called Shelter.
The famous Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena was a source for many of the house's vintage elements—including sliding...
This boutique hotel on Norway's Manshausen Island is made up of four sea cabins—one of which juts out from a natural...
Stinessen placed each cabin carefully in order to ensure the best possible views and the right amount of privacy.
Each hut consists of two bedrooms with double beds, a small alcove, bathroom, shower, and small kitchen.
The large expanses of glass frame views that were perfectly planned.
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