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In a loft renovated by designer Andrea Michaelson, a Liebherr refrigerator blends in with stainless-steel cabinets from...
Example of slow architecture in Norway / Photo by Åke E:son...
Naust Paa Aure by TYIN...
A small courtyard cut out of the center holds a sheltered terrace with an outdoor fireplace.
Isleta El Espino: A Three-Room Eco Hotel on Lake Nicaragua
How a brother and sister turned a private island into self-sustaining boutique...
Jules's room looks out onto the cantilevered deck with little to distract from the view.
In 2015, Vipp introduced a 592-square-foot prefab unit called Shelter.
The famous Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena was a source for many of the house's vintage elements—including sliding...
This boutique hotel on Norway's Manshausen Island is made up of four sea cabins—one of which juts out from a natural...
Stinessen placed each cabin carefully in order to ensure the best possible views and the right amount of privacy.
Each hut consists of two bedrooms with double beds, a small alcove, bathroom, shower, and small kitchen.
The large expanses of glass frame views that were perfectly planned.
The cabins are made up of two layers of wood construction.
A Case Study bed and Nelson ball lamp make for a cozy nook in the guest room, which has a private outdoor patio.
The home’s deep setback from the street means the couple can leave the large windows undressed to maximize light...
The patio is accessed from the master bedroom via a large pivot door.
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