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London Commercial Office Project


An office oozing calm sophistication has been created for the head office of finnCap in London. Durable finishes such as Bolon Flooring have been combined with extra stylish touches, tactile fabrics, use of natural materials and carefully curated artwork to create an office interior you'd be more likely to see in a luxurious hotel, not a corporate office space.

A painting from the Jenna Burlingham Fine Art gallery is complemented by the textured brass console and the hammered...
The Bolon Flooring and Arte Wallcoverings add texture to the space.
A boardroom to impress.
A peaceful space for meetings.
Julian Chichester Portobello cabinet in brass adds a touch of class to this meeting room.
Contemporary button-upholstered sofas in the newly designed reception area.
The newly designed reception area of the finnCap head office.
Welcome to the finnCap head office in Liverpool Street, London.
Natural accessories tone with the neutral colour palette.
Calm sophistication for the office space.
The greenery of the succulent plants contrast against the monochrome side table.
Natural materials and greenery softens the commercial office interior.
Decorative accessories you would more likely see in a classy hotel than an office space.
Jenna Burlingham artwork adds a focal point to this London office.
This Julian Chichester Portobello cabinet is a stylish touch to a meeting room in the London head office.
Bolon Flooring is a durable and stylish flooring solution for high traffic areas.