Collection by Peter Madson

Lofts / Beds

The living room's double height makes the space seem larger that its actual size.
The house's ceiling was hewn from Douglas fir, which gives off a warm glow.
Of the seven steps in Michael Pozner’s not-quite-500-square-foot aerie in Greenwich Village, five contain drawers.
The compact, hardy cabins were designed to work in a variety of park settings, including the beach.
The upper level contains the master bedroom and the kids' room.
Salminen built the bunk beds out of birch, Finland’s most plentiful tree species, for the couple’s children.
The residents, who live in Calgary, frequently entertain, and with 16 beds, bunks, and twin-bed-wide window seats,...
Compact bedrooms mean more space for communal areas.
The Basecamp Hotel, South Lake Tahoe Rooms from $125 The Basecamp Hotel, located in South Lake Tahoe, brings...
In the kids’ bunk room, Maca designed walnut beds with built-in storage and fabric headboards, and covered each one in...
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