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Lobby Insurgentes 933


For this building on Insurgentes sur ARCO Contemporary Architecture conducted a project to renovate its lobby and access area. This building was built in the late 60s and for Bernardo and Joseph Lew, director of the firm, architects the challenge was to create a new image to make the necessary advantage to this important area of heavy traffic operate better modifications.

The last renewal of this area was made in 1995 so it was very important to make a change for a more contemporary image. Access from the street is protected by a generous bay for the movement of cars into the parking lot of the building and the sidewalk for passing pedestrians and customers of the shops on both sides. At the level of access to the existing building steps and a ramp split was done to improve functionality.

The receiver module is placed against the wall to keep track of visitors and tenants of the building without impeding the flow. The color palette remained very neutral for a contrast to the bustle outside. Accent color gives it the green of the natural and artificial plants that were placed at different points for the space of a warm welcome. The result is a very efficient and safe space.