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Living Room

In the living room, spare Scandinavian design takes center stage.
Local Wood Clads Every Surface of This Idyllic Australian Getaway
A pair of married architects put their exacting taste to work on their own family getaway in the Australian bush.
The Bank Slimm sofa by local furniture purveyor Loods 5 is paired with pieces sourced from British retailers Made and...
A combination of carefully chosen furniture and finishes, including pine flooring and trim, warms up the lofty white...
The "great room" extends out to decks on two sides, creating a cozy yet expansive space for comfortable, easy living.
In order to open up the space, Klopf Architecture took out some walls that were supporting beams.
Kansas City Royal
A young architect takes on an intimidating commission: reviving a modern masterwork by Marcel Breuer.