Collection by Charlotte West

Live from London: Giles Miller


When I came across Giles Miller's temporary showroom at Kingly Court off of Carnaby Street in central London last week, I was more than a little impressed by his range of Baroque-inspired cardboard furniture.

Miller, who just received his masters degree from the Royal College of Art (RCA) where he studied product design under the tutelage of Ron Arad, has been exploring various applications of corrugated cardboard since his undergraduate days at Loughborough University. Several pieces from his collection, including a wardrobe, grandfather clock and sidetable, have already been picked up by brands such as Dovetusai and Skitsch. Part of the appeal of Miller's furniture is also its affordability—his grandfather clock goes for about $175 (€120), while the wardrobe is priced at $335 (€230). His recent work has included a Chesterfield sofa with a lattice structure and a commission for a fluted wall covering for Stella McCartney's flagship store in Paris. In this short video, Miller tells us about his design process, as well as his newest pieces, such as the “Miranda” wall tiles with “hairs” that can be manipulated to create different shades in its surface, which move away from his signature cardboard.

Miller used brass, aluminum and glass for the 2009 Hirsutio Vases.
Pool Rocker II, 2009. Corrugated cardboard.
Miller created the Grandfather-C clock in 2008 for Dovetusai.
Flute Screen, 2006.
The corrugated-cardboard Mantle clock, manufactured by Dovetusai.
The Flute Lamp, designed in 2007.