Collection by Luke Hopping

Little Homes in London


What could be better than a modest-sized house in a quaintly historic city?

Hynam designed and built the cabinets under the stairs and a drawer that slides out from beneath the bottom step.
Johanna Molineus’s peripatetic childhood is reflected in the Chinese and Central Asian textiles and objects found...
The new all-white office space frames the iconic Shard.
Throughout the home, the original strip-wood floorboards were preserved and painted a soft, muted gray.
A lofted sleeping pod offers a bit of privacy and helps maximize space. Beneath it is a zippy yellow bathroom.
The approximately 1076-square-foot, two-bedroom dwelling was built by architect Bernard Tulkens for his parents-in-law.
The couple still prefers CDs to the more space-efficient MP3s, though a retro Plexiglas car-ousel nicely complements...