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List of 4K Movies on Netflix 2017 and Free Netflix Movies


Netflix is the miner of offering 4K content streaming for 4K TVs since the 4K "Home of Cards" presentation on Netflix in February 2013. Now the second generation of Ultra HD TVs is already in the shops, with an influx of 4K TV users asking what the best Netflix 4K movies for their TVs are. To watch 4K movies on Netflix on is still rather limited, but no problems, here we become the Netflix 4K movies list 2016- 2017 for you. Also, the simple example of how to get Netflix UHD movies for 4K TVs/devices is experienced.

Encounter buffering or data loading dilemma when you stream Blu-ray 4K UHD movies on Netflix on 4K TVs or projects? You can want Netflix 4K ultra movies free download preferably of living streaming to withdraw any playback. Release download 4K ultra-HD movies from YouTube, Vimeo, 300+ online video sites with fast speed and original quality.

List of 4k movies on Netflix

1. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Hydra: Sword of Destiny
Release Date: February 2016

The Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon sequence, Sword of Destiny is among the greatest, and best Netflix 4K shows list 2016 for your 4K TVs. With this video, Netflix plans to deliver videos in 4K Ultra HD resolution directly to homes preferably of IMAX cinemas. The movie is touching a fight to protect a legendary sword. The film is delivered in several IMAX theaters and the streaming giant Netflix concurrently. If you want to watch 2016 4k ultra movies on Netflix, you need to have to improve to a "platinum" $11.99 plan, or free download Netflix UHD movies.
Best Netflix 4K movies on Christmas

2. A Very Murray Christmas
Release Date: December 2015

The cause why A Very Murray Christmas here is because it catches the true spirit of this Christmas winter. Though the movie was launched in 2015, it's highly searched 2016 Christmas movie on Netflix. Imagine a fantasy world where Bill Murray's famous Nick the Lounge Cantor act from Saturday Night Live was done insincere, and you've got a much idea of the core structure of A Very Murray Christmas.
Best Netflix 4K movies list free download

3. Special Correspondents

Release Date: April 2016

Special Correspondents is extra on the list of best 2016 4k movies available on Netflix completely. Special Correspondents, based on the 2009 French parody of the same name, is a reporter and an engineer loose passes and tickets and try to go back by faking coverage. This movie is fun and will bring a lot of laughter to your family. More importantly, the movie comes in a sharply clear image with 4K Ultra HD 2160P. It is one of the most-supported 4K UHD movies on Netflix 2016 to download.

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4. The Ridiculous 6

Release Date: December 2015

Adam Sandler's second Netflix film, The Ridiculous Six also gets a spot in the list of 4k movies on Netflix 2016- 2017. In fact, this western-themed comedy has the presentation to the highest opening views on Netflix and the most-watched Netflix 4K movies ever. If you have a 4K set and great internet speed, this movie will bring a pleasant experience.
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