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Leading Lights


Large, sculptural lighting pieces take center stage in these bold designs.

Janus is a minimal table lamp created by Brooklyn-based designers Trueing.
There are three versions of the table lamp, each with a slightly different size and profile.
1971 Lampadaire Lamps by Garrault-Delord...
Takagi's Bluff City pendants are work lights with a kick of color and a hint of copper.
The Link Porcelain pendant by Apparatus matches a seemingly delicate oversize ceramic chain with a brass shade.
The Gesso collection features lamps made from limestone and bio-resin.
Jonas Edvard’s MYX lamp is made from plant fiber and fungus grown over the course of two to three weeks.
Artist Tamara Gonzalez added to the rock n’ roll vibe of a recording studio. Tamara Gonzalez, I Like Your Room.
Lighting piece in collaboration with Brit van Nerven.