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Law Firm Berlin


The representative space of the law firm BMH Bräutigam on the Schlüterstraße in the traditional Eastern Part of Berlin has gained new charisma. The memorable red of the lawyer’s corporate design becomes the signature style for the whole interior. The design decisions by IONDESIGN connect the foyer with the conference rooms. This connection is being achieved by a white band of horizontal panels, which runs through the entire floor and ties together the different areas of the space. The panel’s fine black contours subtly underline the horizontal focus. Only the dynamically shaped reception counter brakes with the emphasis on horizontal lines. The precisely fitted interior design creates identity and is both internal and external representation of the law firm the firm. The interactive zones of the corporate space manage to balance the different requirements not only in a functional but also in a distinguished framework. The individually created atmosphere creates recognition value of the law firm, stretching out far beyond the corporate space itself. The three-dimensional design by IONDESIGN crosses the boundaries between design disciplines: the holistic appearance combines interior design with corporate design and creates lasting solutions.