La vie en rose

Here's the "summer terrace," set in the shade below the main structure. You pass by it on your way up to the house.
Aalto Vase by Alvar Aalto for Iittala.
View from a balcony of Calderwood Hall in the new wing: the acoustics in the space were engineered by Yasuhisa Toyota,...
Installation by French artist Jules Julien for the Aimer/Marie exhibition in France.
Being on the ground floor has its benefits—namely a bit of outdoor space.
The working color palettes are hues of pinks but Campbell is musing about introducing blues and indigos.
An innovative splash of color carries this trailer into compatibility with the pink clouds striating the horizon.
The only problem with Hay: I had sofa tastes, but a paper-tape budget.
Donald Judd's Untitled, March 8 1965.
The recipe for each color is attached to its corresponding fabric swatch, and after the designer chooses the right...
Residents can also ride Denmark's only funicular-style inclined elevator (imported from Switzerland, naturally) to...
Though London is Thibaud Herem's muse, he also depicts foreign and fictional locales, like the Grand Budapest Hotel...
Paul Frank added a colorful booth to the children’s area filled with Julius bicycles, helmets, phone covers and Frank-y...
The back of the property as seen from the rear alley.
Lindberg's Drawn Pink (2011) was included in the "Placemakers" exhibition at the Bemis Center for Contemporary Art in...
From the street Casa Ortega (just next door) cuts a more impressive figure. The pink walls are classic Barragan.
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