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La Legendaria


Mexico City´s downtown offers a great variety of choices, there is something for everyone. In recent years the image of this traditional area of the city has changed giving priority to the pedestrians and creating a new atmosphere. The commercial activity has been beneficiated from this transformation and to be consistent new gastronomic choices have emerged with perfect balance between food, design and service.
La Legendaria –Gastrocantina- located in Uruguay street, understood perfectly this concept opening its doors with an image that sends an invitation to go inside an discover it. The project was done in the ground floor of one of the magnificent building, which once was the financial district of the city, to present an attractive contemporary atmosphere to satisfy the taste of locals and visitors.

The project was done by Miguel de la Torre Arquitectos team who choose as the main axis and personality of the design concept an element of the traditional Mexican cuisine: the wooden scoop. Repetitive elements are a characteristic of the projects of architect Miguel de la Torre and in this particular project it worked very well because the only way that any recipe –especially mole negro, the house specialty– is done to perfection is to repeat it over and over until mastering it, a detail that can be appreciated all over the place.