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On Saturday I had the good luck to wander around the East side of L.A. on the Materials and Applications Studio Tour. Though it's always nice to see how creative types work, what was most fascinating about this tour was that each of the firms on it doesn't practice architecture in any typical way. They're just as interested in art installations as they are in slick residences. In some cases, they could scotch residences all together and only do scrappy, urbanistic work. What's more, each firm—from the design-build work of architeture outfits Oyler Wu Collaborative and Urban Operations, to the public art work of Ball Nogues Studio and Didier Hess, to the biomorphic tech work of P-A-T-T-E-R-N-S—views architecture as the point of departure for their work, not necessarily the endpoint. It was a great tour and just one of the many events taking place out here as part of the L.A. Design Festival. With Dwell on Design still to come, there's plenty of great design events right now in Los Angeles.

This design tour started out strong at Materials and Applications HQ with this hot wristband.
Here's a view of Materials and Applications in Silver Lake as seen from their porch.
Oliver Hess, one of the principals of Materials and Applications, led us through some of his firm's recent work in the...
One project he discussed at length is an installation on the facade of a firehouse in Baldwin Hills.
Can't really say what all this stuff heaped in the Materials and Applications offices are used for, but I loved the...
The first three stops on the tour in Silver Lake were all within walking distance of one another.
Once we arrived at P-A-T-T-E-R-N-S, we were met by Marcelo Spina who showed us his firm's work in organic and more...
Here's a lamp that P-A-T-T-E-R-N-S did for the recent Venice Architecture Biennale.
We traipsed a good several blocks in the L.A. heat to get to our next destination: the home and office of John Southern...
The design-build firm specializes in residential work, but this model here is a cast for a concrete planter for a...
As we headed back to our cars it only took half a block to come across one of Urban Operations' projects: this pocket...
You get a clue that metal fabrication is a particular skill of Oyler Wu Collaborative as soon as you show up. The...
Dwayne Oyler took me out back of his house to show me a graduation pavilion for the Southern California Institute of...
Little surprise that model-making should also be one of their strong suits.
The final stop on the tour was at the downtown offices of the architecture/art/design firm Ball Nogues.
This gives you an idea of the space that keeps the team hard at work.
This model is a bit of Glob, a paper pulp product they mix up at Ball Nogues and then cast over balloons.
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