Collection by Miyoko Ohtake

Kristi Reimers of Eco Carmel


In August 2010, Kristi Reimers opened the doors of her shop Eco Carmel to fulfill a dream of starting her own businesses and also to make a difference to her Carmel, California, community and to the health of the planet. "It's not just a store where people can come to shop; it's also a great resource about sustainable living," she says.

Reimers has a background in natural health.
The space that now houses Eco Carmel was previous two storefronts.
Reimers sells the plaster, wood stains, concrete stains, and other remodeling products she used to create her space.
At the shop, she also sells beds made from sustainably harvested or reclaimed wood along with Native Organic Cotton...
"I wanted the shop to be a one-stop shop for environmentally friendly products," Reimers says.
The store also features a number of products by Preserve.
One popular set of products at Eco Carmel are the compost bins.
Signs with green tips speckle the store, like this one about reusable lunch bags that sits next to fabric sandwich bags...
Another tip suggests using a shower filter, like on by Chanson, to reduce chlorine exposure.
Bipeds aren't the only ones Eco Carmel caters to. Reimers's pet section features green toys and sustainable, nontoxic...
Tiny humans also get the eco-treatment.
Up next for Reimers and Eco Carmel is expanding the baby furniture offerings and creating a design desk.