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Korean Style is Simple But Elegant


Koreans feel like to sit and think about the ground or on the floor. This habit gives the furniture with low stances and low height. Compared with the luxury European style furniture, the Korean style furniture give the outflow of more normal and shut to the everyday citizens' life. In the parlor, the stature of sofa and glass table is shut to the ground. In a few people's home, there is even no glass table. They use alternate things. The bed stance is also shut to the ground. So the Tatami is the principal decision for Koreans on the off chance that you like it.

The Korean style furniture is not reasonable to coordinate the European style retro wallpaper. Korean housewives have the side interest of gathering the wide range of exquisite tableware. Koreans lean towards the current style backdrop with botanical examples. These wallpapers are amicable with the white furniture. They will use different tableware according to the supper subject. Koreans love flowers. You will dependably observe the flowers in the Koreans' home. These primitive types of warming and aerating and cooling were effective to the point that they are still being used in many homes today). The posts, or "Daedulbo" are not inserted into the ground, but rather are fitted into the corner stone’s to keep Hanok from earthquakes.

Korea architecture firm UOS architects designed this mountain house for a family with little kids and huge desires. This all-season Korean house configuration was worked for full access amid the midyear months, while just the southern wing is used as a part of the winter for its inherently warmer temperature, thus housing the lounge room, lounge area and kitchen. Watchful thought also went into the mountain views to the east, and the garden. The mountain house arrange frames the breathtaking views, rivaled just by the striking interiors flooded with natural light revealing an open idea inside made for mingling. In the cellar level, the main room and shower, library and a nook offer some protection for the parents, while a rooftop beat hang brags a youngsters' den.

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