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Kitchen Ideas

In Hill's kitchen, exposed pipes behind the counter have plenty of company: the pipes that form her storage units.
Engineered for versatility, Bosch appliances fit into the contemporary kitchen with ease.
The system comes in a range of styles, from high tech to country, from light woods to dark, as well as an extensive...
Though small, the kitchen feels generously bright. Its cabinets were custom-built by Bob Clausen, a local craftsman.
He created the star as a prop for a photo shoot. The kitchen cabinets benefit from a pop of rosy color, a custom hue.
The kitchen that De Matran started with was cramped and completely outdated.
When Nilus De Matran renovated this San Francisco kitchen ten years ago, he chose materials that would not only...
One of the new cooktop’s highlights is its PowerFlex zone that provides precise and effective heat, while giving you...
Zames reconfigured the apartment to improve circulation and open some of the confined rooms.
In the kitchen, Walker continued an earthy color scheme.