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The couple loves to entertain, so the kitchen connects seamlessly to the dining and living areas.
Homeowner Tom Givone states, “The hope has been to combine archaic and modern elements in a way that would enhance the...
The unit can be configured to allow room for meal preparation around a built-in kitchen.
“The client wanted an interior space where you could read the materiality of the building elements like understanding...
To accommodate his passion for cooking, Renaldi insisted on the long Carrara marble countertop, a niche for cookware,...
In a space measuring just 650 square feet, multifunctionality is key.
The kitchen table.
The mahogany-paneled Poggenpohl kitchen system is original to the house.
The cedar siding used on the exterior reappears throughout the house.
In the dining room, Hans Wegner Wishbone chairs sit snugly beneath a table custom-made of Celery Top Pine by Tasmanian...