Collection by Normann Copenhagen

Kitchen Accessories

The Story of an Extraordinary Bowl
With its pure and simple appearance, the Krenit bowl is a classic design piece.
Timber trivet is an example of a perfect combination between aesthetic and practicality.
Indulging soft pastel jars with a matte finish for all your snacks and sweets.
Fancy a cold drink in the summer heat? Serve it in the Rocking glass that features a curved bottom, allowing the glass...
Krenit Salad Bowl and Salad...
Bring a cup of calming tea outside on the Nabo tray, designed by Simon Legald.
Why not move the coffee break outside and serve warm or cold drinks in a stylish way with the Geo collection.
Beauty often lies in the simple and timeless.
Add a touch of summer to your salad by serving it in a matching yellow Krenit bowl.
With their durable materials, the Cristal carafe and cups are perfect for outdoor living! Designed by Marcel Wanders.
Peeler is a reinterpretation of the classic steel potato peeler. Soft, simple shapes gives it a friendly look.